Fotografía del monumento de besterrechea


Although our entire team is from San Sebastian, we have spent years traveling the world. Now that we are back home we love the opportunity to play host and show our guests our culture, gastronomy, and everything else Basque.

We love what we do and who we work with. In making this project a reality, we enlisted the generous help of many friends who shaped our concepts and designs. None of this could have been possible without them.

We want to provide you with some information about our friends who collaborated with us on this project. Their enthusiasm and support have been humbling:

Logo Brand Art

Iñaki Goikoetxea

We challenged Iñaki and his team with the almost impossibly difficult task of trying to “transmit our art and culture (to our guests).” Iñaki proposed a style of branding based around a font inspired by Chillida and Basque sculptural art. With the blessing of the University of the Basque Country and the Research Group in Graphic Design and Typography we received approval to use the special and proprietary EHU font.

Logo Brancussi

José Manuel Monge

Jose designed all our communication materials. He has utilized the EHU font suggested by Iñaki. In addition, he worked intimately with our suppliers to curate the furniture, flooring, and bedding.

Working with Jose has been a pleasure!

Logo Lan Mobel

decoration and furniture

Just as we want you to explore our history and our culture, we want you to experience how the Basque Country embraces modernity.

Our furniture was designed and produced by Lan Mobel, a Basque company specialized in modern hotel furnishings.

Logo Ezpeleta

EZPELETA, hostelry textil
Beds, mattresses, bed linen

The world of beds and bedding was easy to navigate with the help Ezpeleta. They advised us and proposed numerous solutions ensuring our guests will always be comfortable.

Logo José Luis DIZ

José Luis DIZ,

Our close friend, José Luis, has spent his career photographing our city and surroundings. We have decorated our rooms with his photographs to provide our guests with characteristic and inspiring images of our landscapes, art and culture.

We are proud to showcase a wide variety of his work to our guests.

Logo Oh my walk!

Leonor de Landia – Thematic routes
Walking Tours – Oh my Walk!

Leonor is incredible. She shares our rich history through engaging narratives about city’s most important characters. We highly recommend her for those who want to explore the city on foot and learn about its rich history.

Tours are available in English, French, Basque and Spanish.