Fotografía del monumento de besterrechea


We love our city and its surrounding areas. We are overjoyed that you want to visit. Let us propose several plans:

Do you want to be active? We can help you plan running routes, hikes, surf outings, sailing adventures and more. Whatever you wish, we can help make it happen.

Would you prefer to eat, drink and walk your way through the city? We have a special list of our favorite places that we recommend you visit.

Do you like art or history museums? San Sebastian’s museums are always a great plan.

Would you like to explore some of the nearby coastal towns like Zumaia (with its spectacular Flysch), Hondarribia (with its harbor), or maybe the French coast? Are you drawn to the spirit of the highlands of the Goierri with its mountains, farmhouses and lush greenery? We would be happy to help you plan an excursion to the greater San Sebastian area.

If you prefer nightlife, we can help you get tickets to the theater, concerts, the opera, the movies, clubs, etc.

The Basque Country is small and full of beautiful places to visit. We would love to help you prepare for an unforgettable stay.

Remember that Bilbao and the Guggenheim, Vitoria, the wineries of La Rioja, Pamplona and San Fermín, Baiona-Biarritz and the Landes in France, lie within 60 minutes of Donostia!

Everything is close and beautiful. We can help you get organized and take full advantage of your time!